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Airports can be a bit of a bore, the last annoying step between you and your holiday or business trip. So why not make your airport stay part of the fun? At East Midlands, there are enough shops – and duty free bargains – to sate most keen shoppers for a couple of hours. Get stuck in!

Before Security

East Midlands is, of course, an airport, so you won’t be surprised that there is an Aviation Gift Centre on the site. Here you can buy loads of flying-related goodies, from books to models and videos.

After security

It’s after security that the shops really get going. If it’s fashion you’re interested in, there is a branch of high-street chain Accessorize, selling all kinds of, well, accessories. There’s also a tax-free boutique, Style, where you can snap up some trendy bargains.

If you’re looking for some new lippy to go with your new dress, there’s a Boots too. There’s  also a creative jewellery shop, Judi Judi World, where you can browse bracelets, watches and the like.

If you’re worried you’ll get bored on your flight, grab a new book at WH Smith Books, a magazine from normal WH Smith or maybe a new gadget at Dixons.

There’s also a tax- and duty-free shop, Biza, selling the usual cheap booze, fags and perfume.


If you’ve just arrived at East Midlands and have a long journey ahead of you, there is another WH Smith in Arrivals.

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