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While East Midlands is well-located geographically (right in the centre of the country), it’s not the best served airport in terms of transport – there are regular buses to the major towns nearby, but that’s about it. Accordingly, there are lots of taxi and transfer firms based at the airport.

Regular taxis

Cars of all sizes are available, from saloon cars to executive Mercedes and minibuses. Naturally, the price you pay depends on where you are going, but a trip to Leicester or Nottingham in a standard saloon car costs about £30. A larger car will be closer to £50. Getting to Derby is slightly cheaper, about £25 for a saloon car and £35 for a minibus.

The nearest airport of any great size to East Midlands is Birmingham International, 37 miles away. The majority of these companies will be happy to take you there, for about £60 to £70. Some such companies are Checker Cars, East Midlands Airport Taxis and Arrow Cars.

TOP TIP: If you use a private hire minicab, check if there are charges dependent on luggage and distance. Try and settle on a price before you depart.

Executive taxis

If you are on business and want to make an impression (or aren’t paying the fare!), think about an executive taxi. These provide flashy cars, a meet-and-greet service and in-car extras like drinks, snacks and internet access.

Try A-Class Executive Travel, Mums Cars or

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